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Plain Text

Simple plaintext widget.

plaintext = factory('#field:text', props={
    'label': 'Plain Text Input',
    'required': 'Input is required',
    'help': 'Simple Plain Text Field',

Simple Plain Text Field


Text input for email addresses.

email = factory('#field:email', props={
    'label': 'E-Mail Input',
    'help': 'E-Mail Address Field',

E-Mail Address Field


Input field accepting floating point numbers.

number = factory('#field:number', props={
    'label': 'Number Input (float)',
    'help': 'Field for floating point number input',

Field for floating point number input


Input field accepting integer values.

integer = factory('#field:number', props={
    'label': 'Number Input (int)',
    'datatype': 'integer',
    'help': 'Field for integer input',

Field for integer input


Password field.

password = factory('#field:password', props={
    'label': 'Password Input',
    'help': 'Field for password',

Field for password


URL field.

password = factory('#field:url', props={
    'label': 'URL Input',
    'help': 'Field for URL',

Field for URL


Textarea field.

textarea = factory('#field:textarea', props={
    'label': 'Textarea',
    'help': 'Textarea field',
    'rows': 5,

Textarea field

Radio buttons

Selection with radio buttons.

radiobuttons = factory('#field:select', props={
    'label': 'Select',
    'help': 'Single selection as radio buttons',
    'vocabulary': ['Python 2', 'Python 3'],
    'format': 'radio',

Single selection as radio buttons

Selection Dropdown

Single selection dropdown.

dropdown = factory('#field:select', props={
    'label': 'Select',
    'help': 'Single selection as dropdown',
    'vocabulary': ['Python', 'Java', 'Perl', 'Erlang', 'C', 'C++', 'C#'],
    'format': 'block',

Single selection as dropdown

Checkbox selection

Multi selection with checkboxes.

checkboxes = factory('#field:select', props={
    'label': 'Select',
    'help': 'Multiple selection with checkboxes',
    'vocabulary': ['Python 2', 'Python 3'],
    'format': 'checkbox',
    'multivalued': True,

Multiple selection with checkboxes

Selection block

Multi selection as block.

selection = factory('#field:select', props={
    'label': 'Select',
    'help': 'multiple as block',
    'vocabulary': ['Python', 'Java', 'Perl', 'Erlang', 'C', 'C++', 'C#'],
    'format': 'block',
    'multivalued': True,

multiple as block